Friday, March 7, 2008

Time for Some Spring Cleaning

Our house is in real need of cleaning and is currently in quite a state of disarray. So what better time to join in the Spring Clean Challenge hosted by The Homespun Heart! I've been thinking a lot lately that a clean home is a gift I can give myself and my family that doesn't cost a cent and does add value to our days here.

We have also briefly considered moving recently and the thought of getting a house into showing condition is motivating me to do better with keeping up our home. So, instead of moving, I'll just pretend we are and clean, organize and purge as if we were.

Here's the schedule I hope to work from. The challenge ends on March 31st but I would like to be done by Easter. And since I am beginning a little late I will need to get moving.
March 8 - Boys' Room

March 10 - Kitchen

March 11 - Living Room

March 13 - Laundry Room, Back Entryway & Coat Closet

March 15 - Kids' Bathroom & Upstairs Landing

March 17 - Sister's Bedroom

March 19 - Master Bedroom & Bathroom

March 21 - Front Entry (Indoors & Out), Half Bath, Garage (we've cleaned and organized this recently so this will just be a touch up)
March 22 - Basement

Today I'll gather up my supplies and make a detailed task list for each room. I'm getting excited about what our house can look like again once this is completed.


rebecca said...

Hi Rachel! I'm glad your joining in on the fun! ?? Is it really fun? Yes, I think with the results it will be.
Happy Cleaning! :)

thehomespunheart said...

Rachel, Thank you so much for joining the challenge! I hope your family is blessed by the clean home! Keep us posted on your progress!