Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Spring!

We enjoyed a low-key Easter weekend at home. Worship on Easter Sunday was wonderful! We are so thankful for our church home! I'll admit, though, it was more than a bit lonely to be here without family. We really need to get some traditions going that are fun and meaningful for all of us for those occasions when we are not celebrating holidays with family. Our plan for the future is to celebrate the first day of spring with an egg hunt and all the novelty that goes along with that and reserve Easter weekend to focus on the death and Resurrection of Christ. Our spring activities overlapped with Easter this time just because of the timing and the first day of spring being just 3 days apart from Easter.

Here are some pictures of the kids. I guess it didn't cross our minds to get a family shot this time. The kids are surely growing. Smiley also received his second haircut last week which was a bit less traumatic to him than his first, though we still have a ways to go on that front.

Since the white Easter we had, warmer weather is here for a while and tulips are peeking through the ground (thanks to my Grandma for the bulbs!).


Mom2Drew said...

I think your idea about having the egg hunt first weekend in Spring is a great one! My fav picture is the one of Smiley at the end, just love his expression and whoa...check out the pinstripes on Sportster, very daper.

Mom2Drew said...

Oh sure to check this out for some free yogurt. It's my attempt at being you:)!