Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Simple Sleeping Bag

Last evening I did a little more sewing once the kiddos were in bed. I made a simple bed roll for Smiley. I have made a variation of this for each of our kids and they have come in very handy for helping to give some spacial boundaries when they first moved into big beds, for bedding when we travel and camp, for "camping" in their rooms during nap time and for using around the house when they watch a video or want to rest or picnic on the living room floor. The kids enjoy these and the proof is in their smiling faces. And below is a picture of Smiley's new sleeping bag, along with directions.

The details & directions:
- Prewash the fleece.
- Cut a piece or two of 58/60" wide fleece to the desired length. I've made these a bit longer than the child so they'll have some room to grow. (For this one I used two remnants I had on hand.)
- If using two pieces, sew pieces together. (I sewed them together using a straight stitch, then opened up the seam and top-stitched with a zigzag to reinforce and make the seam more smooth and comfortable for the user.)
- Hem the top edge using a zigzag stitch to accommodate the stretchy nature of the fleece.
- Fold over piece of fleece so salvages meet.
- Trim off the salvage.
- Straight stitch from this point forward. Sew bottom seam.
- Using a large seam allowance (approx. 1 - 1.5") sew up the side, starting at the bottom, about half way up.
- Open up the unsewn part of the side, turn edge under and hem each side to the top. If you want, sew a line where the side seam ends connecting the two hems which will reinforce the opening area a bit more.
- You're done! Let the kiddos enjoy!

I surely could use a lesson in writing directions. These seem as clear as mud, so feel free to ask questions if they don't make sense. I have considered using zippers for the side, but for young children, this seems easier for them to use and certainly easier to sew up.


Ames said...

Love it! You have so many good ideas :) I talked to Jon on Sunday when they were at mom and dad's. Hope their trip through stormy Iowa was good! I like your new layout!

Mom2Drew said...

Oh Rachel...amazing friend! You are my hero. Do you really think I could do this? Hmmmmm....