Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Pumpkins

This summer we had some volunteer pumpkins come to life in our garden. Though at first I thought they were going to be squash, I'm glad we ended up with lots of unplanned greenery and some cute little pumpkins to share and enjoy this fall. Sportster took some into his class, we painted some and we hope to give more away this week. Earlier this week it looked like a freeze was on the way so I harvested many of them and we had a family pumpkin painting night. I have a confession to make, though, I don't usually initiate having craft times with my kiddos. But this time their wishes seemed so simple to fulfill so I couldn't resist. We just hauled out the kid paints and brushes we had on hand and used those. It was a good reminder to me that it really is the simple things you can say 'yes' to to your kids which become fun activities and great memories for them. The pumpkins themselves will not win any artistic awards, but that wasn't ever the point. I'll be looking for more ways this week, month and year to take time out for fun with my kiddos.

And thanks to my sweet husband for picking a few flowers this morning on his way out the door to brighten my day.

Happy Birthday, Son!

Sportster turned 6 last month and although the celebration was low-key, we certainly enjoyed his day with him. That is something that does not always happen when we host parties since much time goes into food and home preparation. This time around he had a very special guest, his grandma, here to celebrate with us. He enjoyed a cake and gifts at home, lunch at Red Robin, a dinner with friends the weekend before and a visit to the zoo with Dad, Grandma and Sister the day after.

Sportster, you are a joy and delight to us and we thank God for you!

Balloons '08

This Labor Day we were finally in town and could manage an early morning outing to the Balloon Classic. We went on the last morning and enjoyed it a lot.

And we were blessed by a co-worker of my husband's who gave us their trampoline. It has been a HUGE hit with our kids...and let's be honest, we enjoy it also! So what if it consumes our back yard?! We are at a season of choosing fun over fashion.

First Days of School

Sportster started his official education back at the end of August, both at home and in a homeschool supplement program run by a charter school. So far he is enjoying both settings a lot.

At home:

At the "school building," as we have come to refer to it:

Little Sister had to be part of the action, too. They share a special relationship and I think it is bit hard on her for him to move forward with school and not be involved in that yet, though she does participate in some of our lessons at home.

It is bittersweet to be at this phase. It is so exciting that Sportster is learning so much and growing up but hard to imagine that the years since his birth have passed so quickly.

We are so proud of our smart boy! The photo below was from May, about a month after he started reading on his own, much to our surprise and delight!