Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Cleaning: The Van

Okay, I said I was done with spring cleaning, and I am, but I forgot to post my project from last Friday night which was cleaning our van in preparation for sale. My husband took the van through a car wash on Thursday. One of the gas stations in town offers a $1 wash with a fuel fill-up which seems much easier and almost as economical as doing it yourself. So on Friday night I:
- vacuumed the whole interior with all its nooks and crannies
- washed all the seats, cup holders and hard surfaces
- removed all the trash and stray items
- put all the stray items away in the house (This is big since it is more my tendency to gather up all the items and then leave them in a bag for several weeks before all the little stuff gets put away. )
Here are the after pictures.

Now this really concludes by work on this event hosted by The Homespun Heart. :)

P.S. - The van sold tonight.


Megan said...

Wowza that looks good! Can I pay you to come to MO and do that to my van?

Congrats on the speedy sale - are you replacing it or downsizing?

thehomespunheart said...

Looks great, Rachel!

Linds said...

Great work! Doesn't it feel great to have a clean home!

Chelsea said...

Yeah for the van getting sold!!! Now you can make many more trips to Nebraska AND make it back to Colorado! Can't wait to see you guys later on this month! Loves

Sylvia Little said...

Hi Rachel,
Congrats on selling your van! Are you guys buying something similar, just newer? Or are you going bigger? :-)

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Hi, Rachel. You did a great job with your spring cleaning.
BTW, you are welcome to the Spring Giveaway goodies because the winner didn't respond respond. I drew your name second. Hope to hear from you soon!