Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July Update

This month has been so full of activity for us I haven't had time to sit and really process any thoughts or post any pictures. So far we've celebrated our 8th anniversary, traveled to Farm Med for the 4th, had a dear friend and her baby visit from afar and begun a massive (for us) project of redoing all of the front yard landscaping. This weekend we're off to the mountains to enjoy some time away camping with our Sunday school class. When we finish up the landscaping and return from camping I hope to get caught up with posting some pictures at least for the benefit of those grandmas out there.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Someone Has to Win It

5 Minutes for Mom is giving away about $300 worth of gift certifcates for Horizon Organic dairy products. At the rate we go through milk and yogurt, this would be a wonderful prize to win! Click the first link for all the details on how to enter.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

God Is In The Small Stuff, Too!

This run to the grocery store started like any other: rushing to get the kids to bed and then getting to the store as quickly as possible to pick up the essentials on my list. It is never a great feeling to arrive home from a trip to an empty fridge and need to go to the store, but such was the case. Anyway, as I was nearing the end of my list I headed toward the markdown section of the store just to see if there would be anything we could use. Only God could have orchestrated this bargain find! I stocked up because we did have the money in our account and this would not have to go on the credit card. The total for 1 box and 13 other packages of diapers came to $42.87 plus tax after coupons. These are things we really need now and will continue to need for many more months. God's provision sometimes catches me off guard.

And there was an even more important find tonight. It was the truth that God cares for us even down to our most basic needs like this and that I can always rest in His provision. I needed that reminder. Just last week I found a buy-one-get-one offer for packages of diapers and tried very hard to buy those diapers before the offer expired. I even went to the store three different times because they were out of stock and I was hoping they would restock soon. They never did restock and I came home from the final try a bit downhearted, feeling that even though I was trying to be resourceful my efforts were just not paying off. I was wondering why I even bother to try to save because it seems to be so much work and take time and energy away from other parts of my life. I was really striving to save, but I was not resting in God's provision for us. Does this mean I will give up my strategies to make the most of each dollar? Not entirely, but my perspective has changed. God will continue to provide for our needs and I will rest in that while doing what I can to be a good steward.