Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Living Room

Today I cleaned the living room, one day later than I had planned. I feel like cleaning the kitchen on Monday kind of did me in and I think it is more realistic for me to expect to complete a room every other day, rather than on consecutive days.

I seem to be losing a little steam here, but here is what I did.

- dusted

- decluttered the top and inside of the armoire

- cleaned the keyboard and the desk area

- decluttered the top of the china cabinet (why does it seem all horizontal surfaces collect so much stuff?)

- vacuumed

- washed windows (just the insides this time)

- washed baseboards

- sorted through our magazines and got rid of about half the collection...they are now in the garage ready for recycling

- picked up toys and wondered to myself if we are living excessively (you haven't seen the basement/playroom yet)

Here are the before and after pictures.

Before - overall view with little helpers ready to remove their travelling bags (As an aside, this is one of their favorite things to play, pretending they are going on a trip and loading up their bags to move from room to room.)

Before - china cabinet in need of decluttering (tea cup sets inside are part of a collection we inherited from someone special)

Before - armoire

After - overall view

After - china cabinet now only has photos on top

After - armoire is tidy and clean, and items on top are there on purpose

It feels good to still be plugging along with spring cleaning and have the majority of our main level clean.

To see how others are progressing, check out Spring Clean 2008 at The Homespun Heart.


thehomespunheart said...

Great job - I know what you mean about losing steam! It's easy to start something like this and then can get hard in the middle. Maybe you could come up with a little "reward" for yourself to celebrate all you've already accomplished! Make your favorite treat, read, do something fun for YOU!

Lynette said...

Great job! I am getting tired too with all this spring cleaning. It is a lot of work but feels good in the end. You are doing great and your living room looks good.