Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Master Suite

I am far behind my goals for spring cleaning, but slowly moving forward and readjusting my plans to finish by March 31st. This week I have been working on the master suite and did the bulk of the work today. Here's what we did. I don't have before pictures this time around since my camera batteries were dead when I began.
- washed windows inside and out (thanks to my wonderful husband)
- detail vacuumed
- washed baseboards
- dusted
- flipped mattress
- washed mattress pad, bedskirt and sheets and changed out the duvet cover and shams to this springy set
- tidied up my closet (but not a full scale decluttering)
- cleared the clutter
- scrubbed the shower (I do this while I am taking a shower and use a spare pair of exfoliating gloves to scrub the tile, which seems to be the easiest way to clean the shower so far, using just a bit of shampoo or some safe cleaning products.)
- scrubbed the toilet
- washed bathroom floor
- cleared and washed bathroom counter
- shined the mirror
And here is the finished result. Again, sorry about the quality of the photos.

How peaceful to have a clean and tidy area to retreat!
Thanks, Monica, for the motivation!

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