Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bunk Bed Bag from Upcycled Overalls {Day 1}

I've always loved the sweetness of little boy overalls, but sadly our little boys aren't so little anymore so I was looking for a way to repurpose those overalls.  Our boys share a small room without much room for night stands or dressers so I cut the legs off of some overalls, sewed up the bottom seams and hung them on the bed rails.  These will be great for holding water bottles, flashlights, favorite books and little treasures. 

From this:

  To this:

Cost: $0

These would also work well hung on a closet rod to store small items or on a towel rod in a bathroom to store toiletries. 

Disclaimer:  Please don't use something like this on a crib or near an infant.  Please use your discernment and avoid this if you feel it presents a hazard to your child.

30 Days of Low-Cost Projects

In the interest of finishing what I've started and using what a have at my disposal to the greatest benefit, I'm challenging myself to do a low-cost/no-cost project each day for the month of November.  Maybe I'll start catching up on my good intentions along the way.  And perhaps this challenge will yield a few handmade Christmas gifts and a new appreciation for what I have.  I'm looking forward to the exercise in creativity and resourcefulness.