Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Take the Money and Run....but Where?

I have a miniature windfall coming my way from Walgreens due to a promotion they did in the fall that yielded a much larger response than they had anticipated. With the purchase of select products you earned reward dollars toward spa services....only they hadn't really lined up spas to work with this program. So they decided to give the holders of these reward dollars an option between a debit card and getting some spa treatments. I opted for the cash to the tune of $150. Never mind that I don't think I spent more than $8 to acquire the participating products. Anyway...this debit card is due to arrive any day now and I'm having a terribly hard time deciding how I will use this precious piece of plastic.

Do I:

A. take the ultra-responsible approach, pretend like this never happened, send an extra $150 to the mortgage or van savings and use the card for groceries?

B. take a much-needed spring break from cooking and head to Costco for a cartload of ready-to-pop-in-the-oven meals?

C. buy a lavish gift for my husband's upcoming birthday? (Hmmm...what would he even want?)

D. use it to pay for the rental car or meals on our upcoming getaway?

E. keep it in my pocket and use it to buy a whole lot of secondhand treasures throughout the year?

F. go splurge and redecorate an entire room?

G. put it toward the purchase of a new digital camera that is quick enough for capturing kid moments?

H. start thinking of more options?

So, what would YOU do?


Mom2Drew said...

Rachel...I would take $25-50 out for YOU! Then, I would probably buy your husband a gift he'd NEVER expect!!! Talk about being completely unexpected. It would be a memory he'd forever hold dear and I don't know aboutyou, but I think it's worth blessing the husband once in a while. My second choice would be to buy ready made meals from Costco because I know what a break that would be for you.

Mollie said...

Rachel, I'd probably use the cash card to buy a "large ticket item" we wanted, but didn't have the extra money for or didn't exactly need. Like the higher quality digital camera. I'd also consider using part of it to have an extra nice or fun meal out one of these days as a nice surprise for the family. I hope that whatever you use it for, you and Andrew can agree and enjoy spending it together!

Sylvia Little said...

Hi Rachel,
If it were me I would buy a larger ticket item as well, but maybe combine it by giving the camera to Andrew for his birthday. I don't know how he'd receive it but Tony loves getting anything electronic for his b-day! However you spend it I know you'll do it the best possible way! Have fun!

Rebecca said...

Hi Rachel, many fun choices - especially concerning your heart in the previous post about being a sahm and the financial struggle. I think you should use some of it to treat yourself to something that rejuvenates and refreshes you - whatever that looks like. The rest - maybe costco meals would be a nice treat to give yourself a little break. Good job in watching the deals at Walgreens! :)

Anonymous said...

I would do D. or G.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I would find out some ideas on your husband's daydream wish list, and get one. Then use the rest to pamper yourself with either new make up, lingerie, his favorite fragrance (read online how to make it with essential oils) or whatever both you AND your husband will appreciate on you--something that will make you feel pampered and especially beautiful.