Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Know You're A Tightwad When...

...you try to convince your husband to return the gift he bought for you for Valentine's Day because it used up the entire contents of the gift cash envelope, and more.

I suppose you are dying to know just exactly what this indulgent gift was. A ring? No. A certificate for a spa treatment? No. A new outfit? No. Expensive chocolates? No.

The gift given was much better than that. A deluxe electric blanket so I'll no longer need to go to bed with scarf and hat and four blankets on the bed and still have icicle toes. After only one night of crawling into that toasty bed I'm sold. This gift will not be returned but will be a gift that really does keep on giving.

While some wives wouldn't be delighted with this gift, I am. My husband really took time to think of what would make my life more enjoyable and selected this gift. What can I say? I'm a practical girl with a husband who loves me!


Ames said...

I LOVE it!! Mike and I didn't really do Valentine's Day... we just hung out and enjoyed each other - with a heart shaped papa murphey's pizza treat :) I love that Andrew thinks about and plans something he knows you'd love and wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself :) Stay warm!! It's -3 with 20 mph winds here - we have ICE everywhere and there's not been school for a week... yay Iowa.

Mom2Drew said...

oh, that IS so thoughtful!!! I too like thoughtful gifts like that. William got me a waterbottle and fitness magazine for he knows I'm trying to be diligent about working out.