Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Uncommon Courtesy

Today was Bad Experience #62 with Craigs*List. What is up with people?!! I don't understand it, but maybe I'm weird. Here's how 60-75% of my sales have gone.
A. I post something to sell.
B. They e-mail me to say they want it and will meet me at a time and place I set.
C. I reply promptly and set the time and location.
D. And then they don't show and I don't hear from them for another day, week, or ever.

I know they are complete strangers so there are not those relationship expectations or anything, but simple respect of another person's time would go a long way. Have you had similar experiences? Am I missing some important detail here to make this process go smoother? I'm feeling like common courtesy isn't so common anymore.

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