Monday, February 25, 2008

Make-It Monday

This week has started off well with one project completed which was started last week. For months I have been wanting to take some time to sew up a blanket for Smiley in anticipation of him moving to a big bed this summer. Last week I got started, and as with most projects I start, set it aside for later. Today I saw the blanket top sitting on my crafting table and decided to just finish it off today. I really like to piece together blanket tops, but always struggle a bit with putting all the layers together because it gets bulky and my machine doesn't really like that, and neither do I. This time I used polar fleece for the filling rather than batting just because I had a large remnant on hand and was able to find another one this weekend, which when connected, made a large enough piece. The blanket is not especially fluffy, but I think it will be really warm and filling with one layer of fleece was SO much easier than traditional fillers. So I spent $3.50 and was able to make the rest of the blanket with fabric on hand (thanks again, Mom!). This will coordinate well with the blanket I made for Sportster when he was about the same age as Smiley. Here is the finished product. Not perfect, but complete.

One goal I have for this year is to use up some of my supplies, the volume of which has grown far beyond my sewing and crafting cabinet. This blanket was a good start toward that goal.

What projects do you have around that you would like to get completed? My next project to complete is a biggie...catching up on scrapbooks for the kids and our family, which will first require having hundreds of pictures printed. It's been a looooooong time since we printed pictures. Maybe I'll get back to that in March.

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