Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wrapping Paper Teacher Gift {Day 5}

It's that time of year when the gift list gets really long as we seek to show appreciation for many who invest in our lives, not the least of which are the teachers who take care to help our children grow.  But because the list gets so long, I'm always on the look-out for nice but inexpensive ideas for teacher gifts.  I came across this idea early in the year and was glad I had stocked up on nice wrapping paper in January for 50 cents a roll. 

I quickly made a tag and formatted the text in the shape of a tree and printed 2 per 8.5x11" sheet of cardstock.  I cut slits in the tag so the roll could fit through and it was done.  Because I wanted to give these before Thanksgiving so the teachers would have them to wrap Christmas gifts, I wanted the wording to indicate our thankfulness for all the work they do.  I also wanted to include tape with the paper, but I did this at the last minute (no surprise!) and didn't have the time or energy that day to take little ones to the store to get it. 

Cost: $.50 + 1/2 sheet of cardstock/gift

School teacher gifts are done for this Christmas.  I still need to find gifts for all the Sunday school teachers and nursery workers.  Any ideas?

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Jenny's Vegcafe said...

That's a really cute idea. I always have an overstock of wrapping paper from after Christmas sales too.