Sunday, December 2, 2012

Season Interrupted

Well, that idea of doing a craft project each day for the month of November did not really materialize. I probably did somewhere between 10 and 15 projects, but just never posted about them.  I cooked and did laundry and homeschooled and we went away for 4 days.  In the meantime, our kitchen was a mess with lots of sewing stuff out.  I finally needed to just clear the island and put it all away for some peace (even if lots of island clutter is just shoved in a laundry basket for the time being).  And we've needed some island space for this.
taking care of the Great Flu of 2012

 One confirmed case of Influenza A + a few others with symptoms = Tamiflu for 6.   I don't think we'll be getting out this week, though I doubt that means I'll be up for lots of Christmas projects and decorating any further.  I have lots of thoughts swirling around in my head right now but most of them boil down to the need to clarify my primary priorities and let the extra stuff go. 

Here's to enjoying the season for what it is instead of being distracted by some picture-perfect (unrealistic) idea of what it should be.

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Miss G said...

ugh, so sorry! Kelly