Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crib Rag Quilt & Pillow {Days 2 & 3}

In November I wanted to challenge myself to get some projects done and use some supplies I already had on hand.  I saw the idea for a rag quilt made of strips on Pinterest and knew I'd love to make this for our littlest one.  We had plenty of receiving blankets on hand that were still in good shape, but since we're past that stage I took a handful of them and cut them into strips and used a couple layers for each section and used about half a twin sheet (from Salvation Army) for the back side.  I still had fabric left so she's getting a matching pillow, too.

She'll be getting these Christmas, though we'll put them away for awhile for safety reasons.

Cost:  around $3.50 (for the sheet used for the back + blanket binding purchased for 50% off at Hobby Lobby)

Now if I can just pull off handmade gifts for our four other kids in the next 20 days. I'm still holding out hope they'll all get finished in time.

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Ames said...

Super cute!!!

Did you do all 3 layers of flannel like in the tutorial post? I'm new to this sewing/re-purposing thing and wondered if I could do with less flannel if I used a sheet for the back like you did?