Wednesday, March 11, 2009

At the End of My Cooking Rope

Well, so much for the menu plan I just posted Monday. My children continue to express distaste for whatever it is I fix. We just finished what I think was a great dinner of beef stew, fresh homemade wheat rolls, and spinach salad dressed with red peppers, banana peppers and red onions. Well, only one of my children ate the entree. This seems to be happening every.single.night and I am There is nothing wrong with my cooking, but morale in the mess hall is way down. All three of our kids are in a picky streak right now and we have not and will not cave to their desires in this area. They really do not even know how good they have it! But it ruining our mealtimes, so the only topic addressed is the food and not the rest of life that should be shared around our dinner table.

I will not fix two dinners, one for the grown-ups and one for the kids.

I will not serve hot dogs, mac and cheese, corn dogs and petrified pizza on a regular basis.

I will press on.

I will stay strong.

I will not allow my kids' opinions to cause me to feel I am useless mother.

I will rise tomorrow to cook again!

Lord, help me cook and serve with a cheerful heart!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I feel your pain. There is hardly ever a night that someone at my house doesn't complain. They even complain about pizza.

Some days it's easier to handle than others...hang in there.

Cassie said...

Amen sister!! We are going through that with Claire. It is hard to stay strong...hang in there. Will be praying for you!

Chelsea said...

How discouraging this would be... I'm sure our time will come! Elli sits up to the table with us now but can't complain yet! :) Your meal sounded wonderful! I wish I would have been there to eat it!

Mom2Drew said...

Ugh...Andrew is giving us fits too Rachel-you're not alone. we've started serving dinner and teling him this is what's served. If he does not want it, fine...but we're not making anything special for him and we're not giving him sweets.

Amy Phelps said...

Ohhhh, I'm so sorry Rachel. I'm glad you're wise to know it's a phase. I'm proud of your resolve. Of course your little ones are younger than mine, but after a certain age, you just let them go hungry. They will not starve. Hang in there my friend. Having boys, I just dream of the day they will eat anything I put in front of them and LOTS of it - I cannot imagine this...