Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Easy Baby Gift

We had a blizzard last week which for some reason made me want to get some little projects done around here. One thing on my list was to get a baby gift made for some folks from our church. And since I am trying to work through using up my stash of fabrics and wasn't about to leave the house, here is what I came up with. The blanket was made from a solid yellow fleece remnant and this shark print fleece remnant, about a yard of each. Hopefully the print will live beyond babyhood into this little guy's toddlerhood. It is sewn up on 2 sides and fringed on two sides. The finished blanket measures about 30" x 36". With the scrap of print leftover, I cut around one shark and just top-stitched it to the onesie. Cost of this set:
- two remnants, $4.00 max, likely much lower
- one onesie (bought in pack of 5 from Jo-Ann with coupon) $1.25

Total: $5.25 or less

I paired this with a pack of newborn diapers bought with a great coupon keeping the complete cost well under $10. Cute. Easy. Cheap.


Amy Phelps said...

Girl, you are amazing. That is soooo cute. LOVE that shark onsie. I'm sure the gift will be treasured!

Lynn Marie said...

Love your creativity, Rachel!!!

Kim said...

Love all of your creative ideas!! So cute!!!

Karen said...

You go girl! You are so talented and creative. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you!