Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Change 1 Thing: Bye-Bye Soda

I've been thinking in recent months that although life is going well, I could certainly stand to be more disciplined and intentional with time, relationships, homemaking, money and the stuff I put into my body. With the birth of our son two years ago and mothering then three children all age three and under I sort of went into survival mode and unfortunately got stuck there. Things have normalized, as much as they ever will, many months ago and it is time to get back to looking at the big picture and not just the day to day. When I think of all the changes I want to make I do get overwhelmed so I've decided that I'll add one thing per month that I really want to work on and go from there. Maybe by blogging about it I will feel more accountability to myself and to others.

So, without further adieu (ado? which is it?), I say goodbye to my daily relationship with soda. It's been a long time coming, but I've got to stop pretending I am a teenager and that this is okay for a thirty-something woman to be drinking this on such a frequent basis. Since I stopped nursing I've really not been taking care of my hydration needs (i.e. pure water), but instead making sure I've had plenty of sugar water. Well, I've had enough!

Wish me luck! Is there anything you'd like to change during the month of July? Join me!


Mom2Drew said...

You won't be sorry friend. I'll keep you accountable for sure;) Love you!

Rebecca said...

That's awesome! I know when I cut soda out of my diet I couldn't believe how much more energy I had. Although there are still days that I crave a coke - and there are days I give in. :)

hmmm....trying to think of something I'd like to change during the month of July - and right now it's getting ready for the change of new baby coming! :)

Mrs. Querido said...

Without further ado you bid adieu to soda :) Hope it works well for you!