Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Very 2

Our baby turned 2 years old this month. He is truly a delight to our family. He loves life and holds nothing back. He sees life as an adventure and loves to explore the limits. He loves generously, feels deeply and moves swiftly. He is all boy in two-year-old glory!

We thank God for this precious and lively gift! And we pray God will protect this little guy for all of his days!

He's recently been sporting a buzz cut. For a boy who is nearly always happy, this boy HATES haircuts so the clippers are the fastest, and safest, way to go for now.
We knew the day was coming, but it was time to take the crib down and transition to a big bed for him. He climbed out of the pack and play a few days before.

Yep, here's the proof the crib's days were numbered.

We just a had a little family party at home this year, complete with grilled hot dogs and cupcakes and gifts from near and far after dinner. The kids thought it was great.
True to form, found on top of the coffee table.

And here he is checking out the big boy bed.

And a shot from the beginning. We love him more today than we could even imagine then.

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Mom2Drew said...

Oh, so glad you updated...I was starting to wonder;)

So, not sure if you knew this or not...but that first pic is a GREAT example of panning in photography and whoever took the pic did a GREAT job! I'm really impressed.

He's so happy, smiley sure fits him well.