Monday, July 21, 2008

If only.....

....all my days could be this productive!

I've been feeling worn-down lately with the responsibility of life and yet so much minutia, too. Because of this, I've let myself justify slacking off in the homemaking and cooking categories which has not helped my state of being or my family's. Meanwhile, we have been on an uphill journey of attitude work with one of our children. I often tell this child when the child's poor attitude has given way to disobedience, unkindness, or destruction, "You can do better." Last night I was thinking about my own attitude and lack of attention to homekeeping and realized, "Rachel, you can do better." So today much has been accomplished.

- laundry: 5 or more loads, most line-dried

- bedding: all beds remade with fresh linens

- 5 jars of freezer jam made

- baking: 2 loaves of bread, 1 apple strudel, 2 dozen Runzas (bread wrapped meat & cabbage pockets)

- shopping: a quick trip to the grocery for the best blueberry sale of the year, and milk to get us to the end of the week

- cooking: breakfast, lunch and dinner - on time and mostly balanced and enjoyed

- gardening: watered all my flowers and vegetables, made plans for tomorrow's plantings

- clearing: kitchen counters and main level floors

- vacuuming: main level

- menu planning: to make the most of what we have on hand to avoid more grocery runs this week

- planning: for another full day tomorrow...hopefully with a little more fun thrown in, too!

My attitude made all the difference! I am not saying my identity comes in what I do, but sometimes seeing progress and feeling productive gives me a needed boost.