Thursday, August 23, 2007


Sometimes it is the little things that really warm your heart. Today each of our children in their own way have done that for me. This is such a tender age where they are so dependent and so impressionable. I'm trying to cherish it, savor it and remember it and not just get by with the day-to-day responsibilities of mothering and homemaking. We went out with some friends to fun new parks this morning and then headed to the Y for a bit. When I returned to pick up the kids from childcare, Smiley saw me and got very excited, headed straight for the gate as fast as he could by crawling, then stopped and stood up to try to walk to me. He took one step last night and is working hard to make that a new skill. After some lunch with Daddy we headed home and kids went down for naps and quiet time. Naps have not been really successful this summer with our little girl, but today she must have been tired enough. I went to check on her and found this. Sister was asleep on the floor with all of her "guys" spread out on the floor napping with her. She has learned this nurturing gesture from her big brother who often does the same for his "guys". Watching my children sleep is so sweet to me.

Also this afternoon, Sportster came down from quiet time and asked that I tuck him in. He is growing so much and wanting to be independent and grown-up, so I was happy to oblige him. Far too soon he will be grown up and will not ask for his mama's nurturing touch. I'm happy to give it now while he is young.

Because this post has been sappier than most and the boys have not yet been represented in photos, I thought I would end with this fun moment captured at home this morning. And yes, we are working on the sticking-out-the-tongue-for-the-camera issue, but that is just par for the course.

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