Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Penny Saved: Health & Beauty Aids

One of the ways we save is that we pay little to nothing for personal care items, except for diapers for the baby. Every month I take advantage of the free after rebate items available at Walgreens. If you opt to have your rebate in the form of an addition to your rebate gift card they also give you a 10% bonus. In time and with the use of coupons, the balance on the card grows and then I am able to use some of those funds for other good promotions that they are running on a weekly basis.
Today I was able to buy all of these items for the grand total of about $20.00 after a rebate, while getting over $105 worth of merchandise. Better yet, this money did not come out of our pockets, but from the gift card balance I had been contributing to since early this year. There is still a balance on the card that will provide for the free after rebate items available in the coming months. While we may not need these items immediately, they are relatively compact to store and stockpile until we do need them.
To make the best use of my time, I generally only go to the store once a month to take advantage of the rebate offers and sales and since we have started doing this I almost never need to add a health or beauty item to our regular grocery list. By shopping this way for these items I am getting items free or paying pennies on the dollar for products that are generally of a far higher quality than generics I would choose if we were shopping at Walmart for the same kinds of items.

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