Monday, March 26, 2007

To Y or Not to Y?

Every couple of months this debate comes back to me. Should we continue going to the YMCA or should we quit the membership? The pros and cons pretty much stay the same every time.

The Cons:
- The facility we go to is far from our home so every time we go it is sort of a big chunk of time taken out of the day.
- Often when we go Smiley misses a morning nap.
- Cost of membership could be used in other areas of our budget.
- Kids may or may not get sick more often because they are in a childcare situation for an hour and a half a few times a week.

The Pros:
- Mom gets exercise which helps her feel better and helps keep her immunities up.
- Kids see Mom and Dad modeling an active lifestyle.
- Childcare is provided and my kids are comfortable with these familiar caregivers.
- Kids are able to interact with their peers and take a break from non-stop sibling interaction. And they enjoy going.
- Mom is able to interact with other moms and have some downtime.
- Kids are able to burn off some of the boundless energy they have.

Given those pros and cons, the jury is still out. But for now we'll keep going because it seems that going to the Y is the only way this mother is going to get regular excercise. For now, I'll let the guilt of leaving my kids in childcare go and just enjoy this opportunity to be refreshed, physically and mentally.

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DH said...

Keep the membership :-)