Monday, January 19, 2009

More and Less in 2009

I know we are a few weeks into the new year, but I just had some time for reflection and goal-setting this past weekend. Here's what I aspire to in 2009 and some tactics I plan to use to move toward those aspirations.

More of Him, less of me
- being in the Word and praying daily
- memorizing the book of James

More connection, less isolation
- getting together with other women at least once a week for a simple playdate, coffee, etc.
- setting up a schedule and following through with calling friends and family who are far off

More thanksgiving, less comparison
- making a written list that we add to daily of things we give thanks for

More order, less clutter & chaos
- clean and organize one shelf, cupboard or drawer per day
- sell one item or donate one bag of excess stuff each week
- think long and hard before bringing more stuff into the house, and follow the one-in-one-out principle

More moving, less sedentary living
- 300 workouts this year will push me to move more, so far, so good. I'm charting it and have columns for 20, 30, and 45 minute and 1 hour workouts. I've already become good friends with our new treadmill and will use varying incline and speed, and hand and ankle weights to change it up. I also plan on 2 workouts per week in water aerobics classes and getting out for walks or hikes when the weather and schedule allow.

More nutrition, less junk food
- We are a work in process.

More early mornings, less late nights
- to better meet the needs of my family and move in the right direction with these goals

More time spent creating, less time spent in front of this computer screen
- limiting computer time each day
- spending more time each week to do creative things I enjoy like sewing, gardening, etc.

More time engaging with my children, less time chasing deals
- Even though I want to be a great manager of our financial resources, shopping at multiple stores for groceries and personal goods is taking a toll on me so I need to cut back. I hope to choose, based on the sales available, just one grocery store to shop at each week.
- Shopping without my children whenever possible.
- I want to be intentional to spend time reading to and with my kids each week and also spending time snuggling with them on the couch, playing on the floor, baking with them and having fun training them to be contributors to our household.

Here's to a happy, healthy and whole 2009!


Mom2Drew said...

Oh Rachel, I really enjoyed reading your honesty here and your blog looks GREAT! Did you design it all by yourself?

*carrie* said...


Thank you for your kind birthday comment.

This is an inspiring list of thoughts and goals for the year ahead--thank you for sharing!