Sunday, January 18, 2009

Closing the Door on 2008

After being in British Columbia for Christmas, my parents came to visit us for New Year's. They were able to stay for a while this time and we enjoyed the unhurried visit with plenty of time for building legos, going out for lunch, going to the zoo, playing games, a bit of shopping, reading time with the kids, and games and games of Ticket to Ride after the kids went to bed. And we even lasted until midnight on New Year's Eve and saw the fireworks off of Pikes Peak!

Sister having fun showing us her giraffe tongue at the zoo.

With almost 3 weeks of seeing our kids with both sets of grandparents, we see what we are missing by not living near either set of parents. But it makes the times together all the sweeter.

Smiley is always on the move. This position is indicative of the way he lives, on the edge.

A fun shot with Nana and Papa at the zoo.

Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad!

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