Sunday, April 15, 2007

Friday Night Fun

We were blessed with yet another snowfall this week, so when Daddy came home from work on Friday night he went out with the two older kiddos to make some snowmen. Although we've had lots of snow this winter, we haven't had the opportunity to make snowmen since it has also been bitterly cold at those times, we've been gone, or the snow wouldn't pack well.

Then they came in to some fresh hot pizza, a Friday night tradition in our home. I almost always make this myself using a sourdough crust, this recipe, or the Fast & Easy Pizza Crust from this book. We do use a variety of toppings, but we usually always have some part of a pizza that is only pepperoni and cheese, too. This night we enjoyed fresh pineapple & ham on one half.

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Sylvia said...

Hi Rachel,
I love reading your blog! Thanks for all of the updates and that pizza looks amazing. We usually do pizza nights on Friday too. Should we plan to do one together? :-)