Friday, February 9, 2007

Date Night

Each Friday we look forward to our date night. Here's how it goes. We get the kids to bed, DH makes guacamole, we drag our couch up near the computer screen, insert DVD from the library or our monthly freebie from Blockbuster and voilĂ . We started this when Smiley was born because with a newborn we knew it was going to be several months before we could get out for a date that included going out to eat, getting a babysitter and the like. Even though Smiley is not a newborn anymore, we have kept to the tradition partly due to its ease and partly due to our budget. Our grocery budget can pretty easily absorb the cost of a few avacados each week. While we hope to be able to get out of our house for a date night soon, we're happy to have this time set aside each week for us.

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