Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Menu

Somehow I let menu planning get away from me this month and I've been feeling the negative effects of that decision this past week.  Wondering every day what I'll be making for lunch and dinner hasn't done me any favors.  I'd like to think about food less often, so meal planning is key.  Sides may vary based on what I get in our next produce basket.

1. BBQ chicken tenders, roasted gold potatoes, asparagus
2. Chili, cornbread
3. Sausage potato quiche, blueberry whole wheat scones, oranges
4. Chicken noodle soup, biscuits, fruit salad
5. Canadian bacon & pineapple pizza, raw veggies & dip
6. Corn chowder, biscuits
7. Pork chops, quinoa w/vegetables
8. Baked beans w/bacon, cornbread, green salad
9. Orange chicken, brown rice, acorn squash
10. Baked spaghetti, green salad, sourdough bread
11. Pepperoni pizza, green salad
12. Colorado chicken chili, tortilla chips, sliced fruit
13. Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes & cream sauce, lingonberry sauce, green beans
14. Chipotle beef rice bowls/salads, fruit salad (GF guests)
15. Lasagna soup, garlic breadsticks, raw veggie platter
16. Green beans with ham, cheesy mashed potatoes
17. Beef roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, glazed carrots
18. Spaghetti & meat sauce, green salad
19. Chipotle chicken, quinoa, mashed sweet potatoes
20. Vegetable beef soup, cheddar biscuits
21. Enchiladas, green salad, Mexican rice
22. Whole wheat pancakes, berry sauce

Pasta soup
Turkey wraps
Ham & cheese sandwiches on bagels
Chipotle chicken salad sandwiches
Easter dinner - ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, fruit salad, strawberry shortcake

Breakfasts - with yogurt or fruit
homemade granola
soaked oats w/fruit & chia
chocolate zucchini whole wheat muffins
apple oatmeal
sausage, potato, egg bake, fruit salad (GF guests)
something for Sunday school - tbd

What's cooking at your house this month?

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