Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Menu

I started this post several days ago, but it has been one of those weeks with sick kids, a discouraged mama, spinning my wheels and not getting anything finished.   So now I'm taking 10 minutes to finish this up, print it and post it on the fridge so I'll at least have a sense of completion for one little task of my life.

After January's pantry challenge, I'm giving myself a little break and hoping to cook lots of simple food this month. With my husband returning to school and continuing to work full-time embracing simplicity is all the more desirable.  :)

cold cereal - glad for a 99c sale on Mom's Best since a morning person I am not
granola & yogurt
soaked oats & chia w/strawberries
apple cranberry crisp w/yogurt
whole wheat toast

pasta salad w/meat, veggies & cheese
toasted subs, coleslaw
chicken salad sandwiches
ham & cheese sandwiches

1. Costco take & bake pizzas
2. Spaghetti & meat sauce, sourdough bread, vegetable (once a week)
3. Nachos, apple slices & dip, ice cream (Super Bowl)
4. Beans & rice w/guac, cheese, & salsa, coleslaw
5. Hamburgers, cauliflower & dip, fruit salad
6. Green beans w/ham, cheesy mashed potatoes
7. Paninis, kettle chips, apple slices & dip
8. Runzas, veggie platter w/dip
9. Hamburger soup, whole wheat rolls,
10.Birthday meal - child's choice, + chocolate cupcakes &  ice cream
11. Ham quiche, fruit salad,w.w. blueberry muffins
12. Chicken pot pie, sliced fruit
13. Chili, cornbread, fruit
14. Heart shaped pizzas, pink smoothies, ice cream w/fun toppings
15. Pork chops, mashed chipotle sweet potatoes, green beans
16. Whole wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit
17. Sausage potato chowder,w.w. breadsticks
18. Hamburger soup, whole wheat rolls
19. Taco soup w/toppings, green salad
20. Chicken tortilla soup
21. Gourmet mac & cheese w/ham,
22. Taco salad
23. Baked beans w/bacon, cornbread
24. Chicken soup (homemade noodles), crackers & cheese

chocolate zucchini muffins
Valentine sugar cookies
whole wheat bread (a few batches)
spiced caramel upside down apple cake  (with butter and regular milk)

What's cooking at your house?

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