Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Menu Plan & Kids in the Kitchen

Our monthly meal planning is working for us right now and helps us get enough variety in our meals.  I still do grocery shopping or picking up a load of produce at least weekly, but planning this way has certainly helped me cut down on trips to the store.  This month we'll be implementing something new, putting kids to work in the kitchen.  I've asked my three school-aged kids what meal they want me to put on the menu plan and they will help prepare that meal when the time comes.  We're also doing one kitchen time each week as part of our homeschooling.  So far we've made whole wheat bread and egg noodles.  I'm hoping as the year progresses I'll be able to just give them a simple recipe and assist instead of leading that time of work in the kitchen. We'll also be taking some vacation time this month, but I'll still be cooking.  :)

One of the goals for this month is to primarily use the food that we have in our home so I have room in our freezer for a case of lean ground beef from Zaycon. We did get a 1/4 of beef in August which included a number of packages of ground beef, but I think we'll need more to get us through until the next opportunity to get beef from one of these 2 sources.

Dinners - served with fruits or vegetables
1. beef fajitas, corn on the cob
2. baked potato bar - chili, cheese, sour cream, etc.
3. vegetable beef soup
4. hamburgers, chips, fruit salad
5. beer brats,
6. pepper brat skillet w/pasta
7. pepperoni pizza, green salad
8. sweet & sour meatballs, rice, peas
9. taco salad
11. gourmet mac & cheese {+2 pans to freezer}
12. creamy chicken wild rice soup
13. beef stew, cheddar breadsticks
14. shredded chicken sandwiches & side to share - picnic w/friends
15. cheeseburger pizza, green salad
16. burritos (beef, brown rice, cheese, peppers)
17. green chili w/chicken & corn, tortilla chips
18. spaghetti & meat sauce, garlic bread
19. pesto chicken bowties
20. omelets, fruit cups, blueberry scones
21. chicken corn chowder
22. balsamic chicken pasta salad
23. whole wheat ham & cheese pockets {lots extra to freeze for friends fighting a hard fight}
24. baked rigatoni
25. chicken pot pie {+1 extra for friends}
26. steak, roasted potatoes
27. beef stir fry, rice
28. grilled sandwiches, soup
29. protein pancakes, fruit
30. Clean out the fridge, eat out or take-in

Lunches - with fruit and/or vegetables
lentil soup w/biscuits
turkey, ham, chicken salad or egg salad sandwiches
snack lunch
brown rice veggie skillet
baked mac & cheese 

Breakfast - with homemade yogurt and/or fruit
soaked oats w/fruit
skillet hash
cream of wheat
scrambled eggs w/chopped swiss chard & cheese
whole wheat cinnamon rolls
blueberry zucchini whole wheat muffins

How do you keep yourself motivated for planning and cooking?

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Miss G said...

Rachel, thank you for your congratulations on my pregnancy!

I have also been meaning to comment on this post to see if you had seen these links about having kids in the kitchen since you said that was one of your goals. You and these posts helped inspire me and I got my two year old to help me make soup last Monday. I realized that I need to get some plastic prep bowls. The ceramic small bowl accidentally banged against the crockpot didn't go so well. :)