Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Time to Simplify...Again

I'm not sure if it's that after-Christmas "where I am gonna put the new stuff?" feeling or some kind of nesting, but I'm certainly feeling the urge to purge right now. When our home is in order, I just feel so much better, more calm and relaxed, more engaged with my kids rather than focusing on the stuff, and more energetic for accomplishing what needs to be done. Physical clutter greatly contributes to mental clutter for me, so I need to be proactive on this. I made a big list of lots of areas that need a good purge and cleaning. My aim is to do about one item on the list per day and have our home refreshed by the end of January. The list is posted on our fridge so I can cross it off when each area is complete and I'm also noting how many bags or boxes are leaving the house thanks to this effort. Here's my list.

Space to Purge & Clean

DONE - Daughter's room

DONE - Sons' room

Linen cupboards

DONE - Medicines & toiletries

My closet

Husband's closet

Master bathroom

Kids' bathroom

Kitchen upper cabinets

Kitchen lower cabinets

Living room cabinet

Homeschooling shelves

Laundry room

Half bath

Kitchen & living room floors and baseboards

DONE - Christmas decorations

Coat closet


Creative space

DONE Gift wraps


File cabinet

Baby clothes / saved children's clothes

Kitchen counters

Primary email account

Items to sell



Yard & Front Porch

Are you feeling the urge to purge this time of year?


thehomespunheart said...

YES! I am right here with you in all of it. I am a so much more relaxed and peaceful mama when things are in order! :)

Karen said...

I totally agree with what you said - physical clutter DOES lead to mental clutter! YES IT DOES! I have been feeling very overwhelmed with the piles and the messes and the drawers that are "catch alls". I started this week on several big projects and feel like I have a MILLION more to go... but... eventually.
I love that you did the list and that you have it in a prominent place so that you can be reminded as well as feel that sense of accomplishment when you check them off.