Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long Ago on Woodmen Road

Just remembering our first days in Colorado Springs, more than 9 years ago. :) If you are local and know what Woodmen Road looked like 9 years ago (MUCH less developed than today), you'll be able to envision this all the more.

Long ago on Woodmen Road
walked two young souls a bit forlorn.
New to the area, no knowing a soul,
boxes unloaded and without a car.
To Roscoe's Topsoil and Gravel the truck was returned,
We were at Black Forest Road, we very soon learned!
Six miles from town there arose no clatter,
and no one tell even what was the matter.
We had not a phone, but really who would we call?
We had no clue, no none at all!
Hot July day, eight ounces of water,
in hindsight, we could have been smarter.
So we set out on foot, no transit in sight,
sidewalk on the left, and then on the right.
The sidewalk did end and begin again
on the other side of 4 lanes a movin'.
We walked and we walked and thirsted some more,
feeling quite foolish and lonely for sure.
A mirage in the distance, a lovely gas station,
turned out to be still under construction.
Further along the Golden Arches did call
and we gladly did go into the cool and stall.
Replenished a bit from the heat and the thirst,
we wondered if now the move could go worse.
We finally returned "home" and wondered what was to come.

...and we soon discovered our neighbors had an addiction,
though this is no time to go into that situation.

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Megan said...

Nice, Rachel. Seems like much longer than 4.5 years that we moved away.

Think we might be visiting in June, though. I'm looking forward to that.