Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Little Boy!

More than a week ago we celebrated Smiley's first birthday but I haven't had the time to post any pictures from that until now. The week following his birthday has been eventful to say the least. One of these events was him falling down a full flight of stairs in our home. We thank God for His protection over our little boy during that fall. He only suffered a scrape on the nose and was otherwise totally fine. In fact, within 15 minutes he was acting as if nothing had happened and was hamming it up with his siblings and full of laughs.

Smiley's birthday party was at a local park outside of the city with little friends and their mommies. On his actual birthday we enjoyed a quiet celebration at home. He was excited to touch his cake, but not eat it. He's still all about baby food and cheerios. We look forward to the day when he takes to table food.

Smiley has been such a great baby and his disposition is so sweet. He is charming, easy-going, fun, content, not to mention so cute! Of course I'm biased, but I'm supposed to be. We surely do love this little boy and can hardly recall life without him in our family.

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Bright said...

I can't believe he is 1 already! What a cutie pie