Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fun Little Pillow

The little project of the week was to make a new little pillow for Sister's room. I have been trying to decorate her space but it has been very slow. Here is one little step in the right direction.
I took a striped seersucker adult sized pajama top destined for the discard bin and cut to the approximate size of the pillow I was going to use. The pillow I had was 14" x 20" so I added a few inches on every side for seam allowances and sewed it together with french seams. I love the button detail, that I didn't have to invest any time into because it was already part of the shirt. This will be a fun accent pillow for her and coordinate with her comforter when we get to that point. Total cost: $0. Total time spent: about 20 minutes.

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carrie said...


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. This pillow is so cute--what a fun idea to make it from a shirt. I always admire stuff like this but don't have much patience with the sewing machine!