Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Bits of Life

from a date at Golden Ears Provincial Park
My, how it has been a long time since I've checked in here! 

Here's a little snapshot of what we've been up to these last many months:
- My husband is continuing classes toward his MBA and has only 3 left!  So thankful for that.  And then we hope to celebrate with a big trip to mark that accomplishment and the end of this stressful season of life.
- We took a road trip to British Columbia in the summer and thoroughly enjoyed it.
- I've taken our older daughter skiing and skied for the first time since graduating from university...almost 16 years ago.  I guess we've been busy with little ones for a long time.
- After last year's many diy home improvements (master bath and kitchen and living room flooring) and appliance replacements, we're taking it easy on that front. 
- My attention has been focused on clearing out excess stuff from our home so we can live in this house more easily. It is a long process, but there has been progress.  I've set a goal for the dollar amount of things I will sell off this year. If we do relocate within the city this will make staging and a move lots easier.
- Our oldest son went off to a great charter school in August and the transition has been hard, but good. Our older daughter will join him there next year. I am thankful for the blessing of homeschooling them through elementary and also thankful for the blessing of having a great school option for them beyond our home.
- After Thanksgiving I committed to 100 days of working out and have now hit the 65 day mark.  Even though there has been no weight loss, which is greatly needed, I do feel a lot better and a lot stronger and sleep better.  
- We enjoyed a restful Christmas at home.  Although we surely miss our families, the break together here was needed greatly. 
- I bought a Groupon for Jazzericise classes and have started redeeming them.  When I realized how nervous I was to try something new it became obvious that I actually don't try new things very often at all.
- We're starting orthodontic work with one child now and possibly two more children this year.  I'm thankful we're able to do this now. 
- Potty training has commenced for our last child.  We've been a diapering house for over 12 years and I am so ready to end that task.

So, we mostly just busy with the business of raising children and getting through this intense season.  Our days are full but it is good. 


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Stephanie said...

Yay for a blog post! I always read what you write, and I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!