Monday, June 9, 2014

{Day 2} Rebates, Menu Planning and Bountiful Baskets

Today I'm feeling motivated to get my frugal on!   To begin I declared this a home day.  Staying home is usually a good frugal move.  It's cool and windy so we're fine just enjoying life at home.

I filled out and mailed forms for energy rebates from purchases of a dishwasher and fridge in recent months.  It will take a few weeks to get them, but that's $70 coming back to us, which just may be very good by the end of this month.

Three items were posted for sale on a local site.  One sold so far, so I'll count little bits of progress as a success.  A side benefit to this month will be that our home will be feeling lighter with less extra stuff sitting around. 

I also ordered Bountiful Baskets today, 2 conventional baskets, 7 dozen tortillas and 36 lbs. of gala apples.  We'll be able to pick this up on the weekend which will provide good motivation to eat from our fridge to make room for that bounty. 

Sales so far: $100 (fridge) + $5 (baby pool float)
Expenses so far: $70.50 (Bountiful Baskets)

Menu Plan

B - leftover pancakes with pineapple cream, yogurt
L - ham sandwiches on whole wheat bread or pretzel rolls, coleslaw
D - egg & hash brown casserole with red pepper and a bit of leftover sausage, fruit smoothie

B - oatmeal, yogurt
L - egg salad sandwiches, apple slices
D - soup (carrots, celery, squash, onion, meatballs, etc.) whole wheat cream cheese biscuits

B - steel cut oats, blackberries
L - potato salad, ham sandwiches
D -sundried tomato & squash soup, green salad

B - cereal,  yogurt
L - pasta salad with meat, cheese & veggies
D - beans with cilantro lime rice, sour cream, cheese, peppers, shredded lettuce

B - oatmeal
L - leftovers
D - turkey meatballs with cream sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans

B - cereal, fruit
L - broccoli cheese soup, toast or biscuits
D -homemade pizza, salad or veggie with dip

Sunday - Father's Day!
B - cinnamon rolls, fruit
L - burgers on homemade buns, ice cream (or make frozen Greek yogurt)
D - snack dinner: fruit, cheese, popcorn, etc.

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