Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Cleaning 2013

It's that time of year.  Time to refresh.  Time to eliminate some of our excess.  Time to take care of the home we've been blessed with.  Time to redeem the embarrassment of having my nephew negatively comment twice on the state of our kitchen.  So I'm jumping into spring cleaning and hoping to just do a couple things each day to get the house in shape without letting this process consume my life, derail our homeschooling or prevent me from cooking for my ever-hungry brood.

With a large family I am realizing the constant care our stuff is requiring of me, and I do not like it.  In some ways I feel like our stuff is owning me, owning my time and attention, rather than us owning our stuff.  In the summer I read the books 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess and Cleaning House and while I don't agree with everything therein, I was greatly challenged in my thinking and inspired to action.   Then came the start of school, a huge road trip, Thanksgiving, a week of the flu, preparations for Christmas, a bathroom makeover, etc. and I haven't really acted on that inspiration.  Until now.

Here's the list I made up which suits the current needs in our home and life.  I've posted it to the fridge to remind and encourage me to keep going until the job is finished.

Spring Cleaning 2013
1 or 2 tasks a day until the job is done
Master Suite
__ wash all bedding (pillows, quilt, blankets, sheets, mattress pad)
__ move bed and clean under it
__ wash windows & blinds
__ wash walls, doors & baseboards
__ wash curtains
__ detail vacuum
__ scrub shower tile & sinks
__ sort & purge clothing, bring out summer items
__ go through hope chest, store winter linens
__ move baby clothes to girls' closet

Boys' Room
__ wash all bedding
__ scrub bed frames & dresser
__ sort clothes, note any needs
__ wash walls, window, doors & baseboards
__ wash curtains
__ detail vacuum

Girls' Room
__ wash all bedding
__ scrub bed frames & dresser
__ sort clothes, note any needs
__ wash walls, window, doors, mirror & baseboards
__ wash curtains
__ detail vacuum
__ declutter dresser & toys/books

Upstairs Hallway
__ detail dusting
__ detail vacuum
__ go through cupboards
__ wash walls & baseboards

Kids' Bathroom
__ bleach & embellish shower curtain
__ recaulk shower
__ make & hang “Create in me a clean heart” sign
__ sew loops onto all kids bath towels

Front Entry
__ detail vacuum steps, wash walls & rail up staircase
__ wash floor, door & baseboards
__ fix display board
__ sweep front porch
__ dust/wash plant shelves & light fixtures
__ repot/divide fern
__ wash blind & window

Living Room
__ clean inside & top of armoire
__ detailed dusting
__ detailed vacuuming, including couch
__ organize bookshelf & wipe down each shelf
__ clean side table
__ vacuum couch
__ wash walls, fireplace & baseboards
__ wash blinds
__ return curriculum to school

__ clean fridge – inside & out
__ empty, clean & organize each cabinet & drawer
__ organize pantry
__ wash windows & blinds
__ wash curtains
__ replace curtain brackets & patch & paint wall
__ scrub floor, walls & baseboards

Laundry Room, Back Hall & Powder Room
__ scrub floor, walls & baseboards
__ detail vacuum closet
__ organize closet
__ put away ALL laundry and wipe down machines
__ recaulk sink & toilet

__ take all donations to Goodwill
__ take liquids, expired meds & light bulbs to hazardous waste disposal
__ sweep & wash floor
__ get stuff sold on Craigslist

__ sweep & wash floor, rail and stairs
__ organize & purge toys (limit to 30 min. - timed)
__ secure shelf and cabinet to studs
__ put away all items on table and collapse table

__ wash all rugs
__ scrub and sanitize all trash cans
Hooray! You're Done!
Treat yourself to a new dress.

How do you tackle these big jobs and motivate yourself to follow through?

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thehomespunheart said...

I really need to do this too! I used to do it thoroughly every Spring and realize now that it was before we started seriously home schooling! It seems I can do a good job keeping the house clean OR a good job with school but struggle to do both. :) I will work on compiling a list and perhaps enlist the help of my children as well!