Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Menu

We have been so blessed with lots of help and meals since our little girl arrived, but it is time to start being self-sufficient again.  Thankfully our freezer is very full right now so I made my menu plan based on what is plentiful around here to save me the time and money of going out for a big grocery run. Both resources are in short supply right now due to lots of medical and dental bills (and the birth hasn't even been billed yet..oy!) and our sweet baby girl is still not feeding well so we are working on that twice as hard for the same benefit.  Anyway, the rest of the family has to eat, too, so here we go.  I post this on our fridge and cross off meals as we go.

Chicken mozzarella ravioli, spinach salad, three-cheese bread
Chicken pot stickers, brown rice, steamed broccoli
Homemade pizza, veggie tray (x3)
Hot dogs, homemade baked beans, potato chips, raw vegetables (x2)
Shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches w/ pickles & homemade sauce, baked beans, carrots
Omelets (cheese, ham, peppers, broccoli), cranberry orange scones, orange juice
Chicken pot pie, salad or fruit
*Meatballs, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans
*Lasagna, salad, garlic bread (x2-3)
Homemade macaroni & cheese, peas
Carnitas burritos (cilantro lime rice, black beans, sour cream, cheese,*carnitas, etc.), chips & salsa
Enchiladas, green salad
Spaghetti & meat sauce, peas & carrots
Orange chicken, brown rice, peas
Sweet & sour turkey meatballs, brown rice, steamed broccoli
Baked potato bar (cheese, sour cream, bacon, broccoli, etc.)
Chicken soup w/homemade noodles, biscuits
Out to Chick-Fil-A w/ gift cards
Rice pilaf & fruity dessert (to potluck)

Lunches – served with vegetables and/or fruit
*Runzas (x2)
*pizza rolls
*Beef & yellow split pea soup (x3), rolls or biscuits
turkey sandwiches (x2)
macaroni & cheese
chicken salad sandwiches (x2)

Breakfasts – served with fruit and/or yogurt
steel cut oats
banana bread
whole wheat cinnamon rolls
cold cereal
ham & egg bake
french toast
whole wheat waffles

Baking & Snacks
chocolate chip cookies
caramel corn
key lime bars 
chips & homemade salsa

* denotes frozen item ready to heat & eat

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