Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Monday - Putting Food on the Table

I have really been lacking in the menu planning department. While we have been eating at home in a reasonably healthy manner, my life just works better if I plan it out. So this weekend I did a lot of prep work which included cooking and portioning two big pots of beans, making a batch of bread that produced 2 pans of buns, 1 loaf of bread and 2 pizzas, cooking meat for 2 meals, making up 2 dozen burritos for the freezer and forming 2 meals of hamburger patties. With that work done, I'm hopeful that we'll be able to stick to the menu until the end of the month and avoid making any more trips to the grocery store. You may notice the menu this time incorporates quite a few beans and regular leftovers, too. We are doing a bit of a staycation over the long weekend so we may eat out a couple times also.
B – cereal & yogurt
L – french toast, green smoothies
D – Olive Garden Pasta e Fagioli, cheese bread, watermelon/ I keep the pasta and soup separate so each person can choose their amount of pasta, and it keeps the leftovers from getting mushy.


B – blueberry muffins (made w/whole wheat flour & leftover s.c. oats), yogurt
L – leftovers, veggies & dip
D – Colorado White Chili, carrot sticks, chips & sour cream / I think the soup is from this book.


B – oatmeal, berries, yogurt
L – ham sandwiches, veggies & dip
D – beef & pinto burritos, spinach salad, chips & salsa


B – cereal & yogurt
L – leftovers or tuna wraps, fresh veggies
D – spaghetti & meat sauce, spinach salad, bread?


B – w.w. pumpkin waffles, yogurt
L – school's out celebration lunch - out
D – burgers on w.w. buns, chips,veggies


B – waffles, fruit, yogurt
L- brats, pasta salad with peas/carrots/cheese
D – orange chicken, broccoli, brown rice, rhubarb berry crisp


B – steel cut oats, berries, yogurt
L – leftovers or out
D – homemade pizzas (buffalo chicken & pepperoni)


B – cereal & fruit
L – hot dog rolls (make w.w. bread: this meal, cinn. rolls, ham & cheese pockets, 1-2 loaves)
D – pork loin, rice, green beans, rolls

B – cinnamon rolls, yogurt
L – ham & cheese pockets or out
D – burritos with whatever odds & ends we have left

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