Friday, February 11, 2011

{Fabric Jingle Ball} project #1 - 2011

With our little one's birthday quickly approaching I was on the look-out for an idea for a gift for him. All the suitable ideas I was coming up with would be redundant here because of his three older siblings who have left him well supplied with toys and clothing, as well as all the fresh things he has just received at Christmas. Then I remembered a fabric rattle ball that we had seen at a friend's home while visiting at Christmas. A Google search yielded this link (scroll down to the free patterns on the bottom right). I followed the directions, but went my own way on a few things. I used up some scraps of fabric left from other projects and some upcycled denim from baby overalls. I sewed in a piece of cotton batting with each fabric piece to give it a smoother finish when completed and because I had some scraps of that available and was concerned that the stuffing material I had would run short. I also added two 1.5" bells. It has been a hit with all the kids as it is the one ball that is okay to be {gently} thrown about the living room. Out of pocket cost for this gift = $.52 for the bells. All other materials came from my stash of supplies. And the satisfaction of him loving it is icing on the birthday cake!


Melissa S. said...

Great Job! You have great sewing talent.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hey regard to the canned chipotles, I've been freezing my extras. Just put them in a quart-freezer ziploc and sorta smoosh to separate them and freeze flat. You can pull one out when you need it, and they never get super hard when they're frozen so it helps. I've got a few more to use up but the powder is WONDERFUL! AND, it was on sale for 1.89 last week at King Soopers. A whole .10 cheaper. :)

I've been TERRIBLE at posting menu plans lately...but I've been cooking a ton. I need to get back in the swing of that.