Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glimpses of Christmas

Free vintage skis I found this fall and a wreath from years past were easier (and safer!) than putting up outdoor lights
Our humble tree with ornaments collected through the years and made by won't make any decorating magazines or blogs, but it is "our" tree, not "my" tree
A simple display over the fireplace - my favorite part is my grandmother's first Bible under the initial
A window display made by our crafty did my heart good to know that she really understands the reason for the season and the initiative to make this was all hers.
Gifts on top of the kitchen cupboards keep the temptation away from young hands and add a festive touch
We really enjoyed taking a day at home for our "family Christmas" before traveling. We enjoyed a fondue meal, gifts and time for the kids to enjoy their new things.

The kids singing carols with Nana playing
All the kids listening to Papa read the Christmas story

In a nutshell, it was a season of simple decorating and celebrations, but rich in memories.

Not pictured:
- A family photo with my living grandparents, parents, siblings and their spouses and children
- My mom's 60th surprise birthday party
- A white winter wonderland thanks to a big blizzard, though too cold and windy to really get out to enjoy
- Gathering near the computer to visit with my husband's family many miles away

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