Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Few, or 10, Gift Ideas (not that it's all about me)

Not that it's all about me or anything, but here are 10 things or experiences I would love for Christmas or an upcoming birthday. And perhaps this list will prove helpful for the one very near and dear to me. :)

1. In the category of "The-sky-is-the-limit-but-I'm-not-gonna-get-it": a trip to Scotland with my husband, or a trip to PEI. Considering we can't even manage a weekend away, these are "someday" dreams.

2. A new, or nicely used sewing machine. I think I want a basic model Bernina, but yikes! they are expensive. I actually just bought a new machine from Costco but can't decide if I am keeping it. It was a good deal for sure, but I'm torn between a good deal for today and wanting a machine that will last the rest of my life.

3. A winter coat with an attached, fleece-lined, non-pointy hood that is a solid color with a hip-length cut and a non-boxy fit. Even if I can't fully zip it this winter, with my expanding belly, these are top choices in my research so far, though I'm still not sure exactly what I want.

4. A pedicure.

5. A trendy sewing book such as one by Amy Butler or one on sewing aprons.

6. A cheese grater. Perhaps this one by KitchenAid.

7. Grain storage buckets and lids from Pleasant Hill Grain.

8. SmartWool socks.

9. A gift card to one of the following: Hobby Lobby, Panera Bread, Old Chicago, Chipotle, Einstein's, Spicy Pickle, Jason's Deli, Archivers or Pottery Barn.

10. Date nights with my husband which would need to be squeezed into the calendar before mid-February.

Okay, enough about me, I need to move on to tackling that Christmas gift list of things we want to buy for others.

For more 10 on the 10th, visit Life at 7000 Feet.


New Every Morning said...

I love a girl that knows what she wants!
My birthday is in December, which I used to hate ... but now I love b/c I can lump my lists together.

Lynn Ogden said...

I have a dream to go to P.E.I. also.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I loved this list...

I've been looking for a winter coat for 3 years and STILL can't find one I like (I'm picky too) so I just keep wearing mine. I'm amazed that it has so much life in it...

SmartWool socks are THE BEST! But yeah, they're pricey. I've found them on sale or marked down considerably at Nordstrom Rack. But I rarely go to Denver.

What is PEI?

Gretchen said...

I was going to ask what PEI was, too. ;)

Great list, and it makes me a bit homesick. 8.5 years ago, we moved from CO to Seattle, so I'm missin' me some Jason's Deli! When our kids were little, it was one of the few places that satisfied us all. I also remember HUGE baked potatoes there.

Rebecca said...

Hi Rachel,
Man, I wish I lived closer - as I have a sewing machine I am selling at a garage sale this weekend...and I'd totally give it to you! Also, I was just at our REI and they had a lot of smart wool socks on super clearance. May the Colorado Springs store is the same??

Anyway, good list! :)

Miss G said...

Oh, I would love to go to PEI sometime too! Anne of Green Gables fan?

My husband and I went to Montreal last new year's. http://sundrenchedmoments.blogspot.com/2009/01/travel-tuesday-montreal.html

Boy was it cold!!! But we have great memories. I do love trips as gifts.

I too would like a Bernina! I don't even really know how to sew but I've heard that the Bernina is so easy to use that I think I could manage to teach myself. A friend at church was also looking for a Bernina and I was able to give her a heads up about an estate sale that had one (I read on their e-mail) and she was able to get it on the last day at half price, $150!! It is definitely an older model but she decided to go ahead and get it for now.

My mom found a coat similar to what you're describing at the Steinmart in Colorado Springs a couple months ago . . .

I was soo happy to get to go into Archivers when I was in CO at Christmas! We don't have it here in TX!


p.s. I am enjoying "catching up" on your blog. I was cleaning out my e-mail and ran across one of your comments on my blog from the summer. :)

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