Friday, August 14, 2009

Garden Goodness!

zucchini bigger than a 5-year-old's arm

...or maybe just "Oh, goodness, what are we gonna do with all that zucchini?!"

It seems we are having a bumper crop of zucchini, even though some have fallen victim to what this novice thinks is blossom end rot. Regardless, we've had plenty to consume here and several rounds to share with friends and neighbors. I know I let the ones in the picture get waaay too big, but they were overlooked for a couple days under the huge leaves and the tangle of vines. I should be sending out my gardening assistant to pick any reasonable ones each day, which she would be game to do. Please do send ideas of what to do with it all!


Melinda said...

That zucchini looks delicious!! I have a recipe for zucchini beef soup that I love! It has green pepper, onion, tomatoes and Italian sausage. Also you can shred it into a quiche made with Bisquick,(my kids really liked this) or make stuffed zucchini by hollowing it out and putting sausage, bread crumbs, cheese, tomato sauce, etc. in it and baking it. I have never gotten around to trying this but it sounds sooooo good.
Also just seasoning with salt and pepper and saute in a pan with a little oil and then serve with salsa....Yummmmmmy! Good luck finding something to do with it all. I have also heard you can shred it and freeze it to use later. Let me know if you want any of the recipes.

Michelle said...

Hey Rachel - just checking out your blog...hope you don't mind. I make an Italian Zucchini pie with extra zucchini (when I get it) that I freeze for quick meals. It's really good. Let me know if you'd like the recipe!