Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

We squeezed in a little Canadian festivity today in celebration of Canada Day. The kids are loving their new shirts and pinwheels from Grandma and seem to have a good affection toward Canada, as it should be.

The boy on the right cracks me up! He really does live life in a "full speed ahead" mode.
Happy Canada Day!


John said...

Hey Rachel,
It's John Harding.. morning/noon anchor at KKTV here in Colorado Springs.
I'm trying to find a mom who can help me.. help other families.. save money on back to school shopping. It's a special story I'm doing this week/next week.
It sounds like you really enjoy saving money.. Could you help me out?
If you wouldn't mind, please drop me an email at or you can call the newsroom at
I found your blog by doing a google search for bargain hunters.
Thanks.. I appreciate it!

Karen said...

Precious! :) Love the photos - the kids look like they got into it!

How cool that John Harding found your blog and left you a message - :) You sure are a great bargain hunter! :) Thanks for all your advice :)