Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simple Valentines

We had a fun but low-key Valentine's Day weekend. It started out with a few simple decorations being crafted and put out on Friday including this felted wool heart. I made it by cutting out two hearts from a piece of felted wool, formerly part of a garmet. It was a quick 5 minutes of sewing the heart together, adding a hanger made of white twill tape and pinking around the top heart.

Of course, whenever the camera comes out, the kids think they must have their picture taken, even if they are not always cooperative in providing good shots.
We also spent some time making homemade valentines for each other and wrapping up some gifts, using paper supplies and wrappings we had on hand, of course.We enjoyed a Costco entree for our Friday night dinner and had enough leftovers for another easy meal for Valentine's Day lunch, combined with salad, strawberry milk and a festive cake with cherry chips and heart sprinkles. The kids each received a box of conversation hearts, a new pillowcase made by me, and a poster-sized alphabet coloring book I found on clearance last year. They are certainly worth far more than the under $5 gifts they received, but we have more toys and books than we know what to do with and we don't intend to make this a major gift-giving holiday. I think they are just as delighted with a few simple treats as they would be with lots of expensive gifts.

We capped off the day with supper at a nearby burger joint with gift cards from some special folks for the kids, who each enjoyed their own kids meal with ice cream. Now that's a rare treat!

And here's our girl who loves Valentine's Day and delighted in making countless valentines throughout the week and her very own heart doorhanger. (My husband and I both noted how much they are starting to copy what we do within their own capabilities, which is sweet and scary all at once.)

We love our kids to pieces and had a great day together as a family!
Much love from our home to yours!


Mom2Drew said...

What a terrfic V-day you guys had. Such joy in their faces and Rachel...the pic with E and the conversation hearts? Wowzers, love that!

Your felt heart looks great too...you so need to teach me how to use my sewing machine.

Amy Phelps said...

Very very sweet. You're a good mommy Rachel, I want you to know that. :) I love the pillow case idea. I'm sure they will treasure this memory/tradition. I may have to steal it. Silly, I know, but I just love it. I'm enjoying your blog.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love all that you did for your kids...simple and low key, but special!

I love that pic of your daughter with her conversation heart box.

One time, my kids made me Valentines with those boxes. The candy was "removed" (eaten) and their preschool teachers taped a pic of them inside the empty box, showing through the cellophane panel. They taped the top of the box closed, and put a magnet on the back of the box, and I had my own little Sweetheart package! (One teacher just cut the front panel off the box making it a flat magnet.) Very cute!!!