Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby, Baby

No, we're not having one at present, though we seem to be in the middle of a baby boom with our friends and families. With Christmas coming soon there aren't many extra funds to divert to baby gifts so I did the best with what I had around and came up with some cute, unique gifts that I hope they will like.

This is a set of two burp cloths, fleece hat and on-the-go pouch which is just big enough for a few diapers, a small wipes case and maybe an outfit or receiving blanket. The pouch was made from a clearanced placemat, a spare button and some twill tape recycled from a gift wrapping. You can't see it in the picture, but the twill tape goes around the pouch creating a handle at the very top of the back. The stiff nature of the placemat makes for a nice sturdy bag.

The second set is made up of two burp cloths, a fleece hat and a clearanced onsie. One burp cloth is flannel and fleece and one is knit and fleece. The knit came from an unused A-shirt that was in the bin of items to be donated. This set is 3 embroidered fleece and cotton mini-check burpcloths and an on-the-go bag made of cotton with a nylon webbing handle. With a caribiner clip the bag would be easy to attach to a stroller to keep bare necessities at hand.

For these gifts I purchased:
- small package of wipes $1.00
- two fleece blankets clearanced a the grocery store to be used to wrap two of the gifts $2.00
- tank onsie $.75
- two plug-in air fresheners with a clean linen scent (I thought these would be good near the diaper pail) - I think these were free after rebate, but no more than $1.00 each.
So now I have three gifts for under $6.00 out of pocket plus the cost of of fabric I purchased at an earlier time, though I often buy inexpensive remnants for these types of projects. These certainly turned out to be an economical option and will hopefully be well-received.
Now I have a question for anyone who reads here. Do you ever struggle with feeling like a homemade and inexpensive gift is not good enough? I really like the way these sets turned out and think they will be useful gifts, but have trouble shaking the feeling that I should have just ponied up the cash and bought something from the registries. Your thoughts?


Mollie said...

Rachel, I often struggle with something similar...buying clearance items for a gift instead of off registries or something really pricey. However, now that I'm a mom, I know that I have a particular taste and won't use an item (esp. clothing) if I don't like it. So I now give books or diapers since they are practical/useful and will most likely be used by the other moms. So I think you have the right idea going with a practical gift that didn't cost you a lot. As an aside, I look for books at discount places and keep them on hand for gifts since I don't have your creative instinct and can't whip up something as nice as you can. Hope that helps.

Mom2Drew said...

Well...I think you know what I'm going to say. To me, I'd MUCH rather get a homemade gift. Seems to me someone very special made me a few essential items for my boys. In fact, the blanket and bag are among favorites in this home.

Try hard not to get caught up what so-n-so are doing, or what is on the registry. Not everyone can do what you can and do it well. You're a rare treasure.

Sylvia Little said...

Hi Rachel,
I can't say I understand your struggle with homemade gifts vs. store bought gifts because I can only buy store bought gifts! I don't have a creative bone in my body and so I rely on the stores to do my thinking for me. :-) I do know that I appreciate gifts that have had some thought and care put into them no matter if they were handmade or bought. The intention is genuine either way and homemade gifts are not any less received or appreciated in my opinion. I can also remember a certain towel that was lovingly made for Derek and which we still use to this day. I love it and I have not seen its equal in any store. Keep giving from your heart and you'll never go wrong.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others, your home made presents look awesome and I am sure will be treasured by whomever receives them! Don't second guess yourself! I think when a person takes the time to make/create a gift it's all the more special! Heather