Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Needed That!

We are approaching one month since my husband and I went away on our trip alone, but I thought I would post a bit about it anyway. Thanks to Nana & Papa for keeping the kids at FarmMed and for the week of very nice lodging in Myrtle Beach! This was our first trip away together (except for one night when Sportster was our only) since we have entered parenthood! It was just the right mix of sightseeing and just relaxing on the beach, at the pool or in our place. We visited two plantations, Fort Sumter, Sunset Beach in North Carolina, The Hammock Shops at Pawleys Island, and the Confederacy museum, Hyman's Seafood and the market in Charleston. And we celebrated my husband's 32nd birthday and were able to put to use his birthday gift, a Canon Rebel XT camera. (Thanks for all the sightseeing recommendations, Erika!)

This was a great week of sleeping in until we weren't tired anymore, having full conversations without interruption, eating out at some establishments that wouldn't be in our normal kid-friendly repertoire, and just enjoying our married life without everyday concerns and distractions. All in all, just a time of refreshment! And we returned renewed for the privilege of parenting and carrying on for what lies ahead for our family.

A few pictures from our time away.

We're hooked! We'd love to visit South Carolina again!

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Mom2Drew said...

I love the shot of you and A in your suits and the angle you took it at. Looks like SUCH a great time!