Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Car Living

Last week we sold our van to begin the process of replacing it. With 195K miles, 12 years and a multitude of quirks and issues, we decided it was best to part ways before we could no longer sell it for a dime. If you are wondering, yes, we did disclose all these maladies to the person who purchased it and he was apparently not afraid to take on those concerns. He seemed like he might be handy with cars and willing to fix some major things.

We've been saving for a replacement for a while now and have nearly reached our goal, but as we watch and wait on eBay, Craigs List and AutoTrader, we are left with only one vehicle, that being an older CRV, which is a tight fit for five people. We live far from my husband's work so a drop-off and pick-up plan wouldn't be very easy or economical for us. Bus service around our neighborhood is nearly non-existent and would not get my husband to work in a timely manner and there are no stores within walking distance of our home, at least with three young children in tow. So, in the meantime we are coping with the situation with the following tactics.
- My husband is catching a ride with some friends 1-2 times a week so the kids and I can have the car to go to Bible study and scheduled appointments.
- We are consolidating errands and my husband is taking care of some on his way to or from work. I am also able to go out alone in the evening or on weekends for some errands.
- I am focusing more on our home and on our meals with the added potential to accomplish things around here since I am home much more.
- For this season, my work outs at the Y have come to a grinding halt, though I am hoping to get exercise by taking the kids for walks around the neighborhood.
- Looking on the bright side - less opportunities for shopping mean we don't spend as much, one car instead of two uses less gas, more time at home means some things that have been put off for far too long are getting started and maybe even finished.

Even so, I'm really looking forward to the freedom and flexibility that comes with having two cars again.


Jenny's Vegcafe said...

I feel selfish for wanting (needing) two cars but then I'm in the same boat as you. Hubby commutes 25 minutes each way and we aren't a walkable/busable distance to anything. Good luck to you too in your search.

Rebecca said...

Hi Rachel!
I totally hear you! We had only one car when we moved down here - and went for three months in that situation. I am so so grateful now for a car - but I really treasured the time at home. So much was accomplished, and I was forced to be creative and more resourceful with my time. There were times that Little One and I went completely stir crazy - in fact, I learned a lot about him - in that he is mister extrovert and mama is Mrs Introvert - and we need to work that one out! :)

But keep looking on the bright side - those bright reasons do way outweigh the blahs. Oh, and good job being a good steward - God will honor your desire and provide you with the perfect wheels in the future! It's all worth it in the long run.
Rebecca :)