Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July Update

This month has been so full of activity for us I haven't had time to sit and really process any thoughts or post any pictures. So far we've celebrated our 8th anniversary, traveled to Farm Med for the 4th, had a dear friend and her baby visit from afar and begun a massive (for us) project of redoing all of the front yard landscaping. This weekend we're off to the mountains to enjoy some time away camping with our Sunday school class. When we finish up the landscaping and return from camping I hope to get caught up with posting some pictures at least for the benefit of those grandmas out there.

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Amy Lanser said...

And cousins too ;) We like pictures!!!
How fun to go camping in the mountains - I feel like I just did that recently... Mmmm I miss the DRY heat of Colorado. Beautiful compared to this sticky mess we live in!